Recommendations for Shows and Movies You have to Binge-Watch

American Dramas:

  1. Home Before Dark: It is an American drama and it is about a nine year old girl, Hilde, who moves into a creepy, small town her dad used to live in. She starts investigating and finds out a lot of interesting things about the not so nice town and her dad’s past life and I recommend it for people who like mystery and family. It shows a lot of family moments and a lot of mystery involving murders and it is only on Apple TV.
Photo by Steven Roe on Unsplash

Korean Dramas:

  1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: I highly recommend this show because it keeps you on your toes with romance and mystery and the story is well made. The drama is about a woman named Do Bong Soon who is a really strong woman. It shows her life struggles and it shows that being strong has it’s cons and I recommend it if you love romance, comedy and mystery. It is on an app called Viki.
Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash

Chinese Dramas:

  1. Skate Into Love: It is about a woman named Tang Xue who loves to skate but gave it up after an accident. She then reconnects with her old friend and ends up being his assistant and they slowly get closer and closer. I recommend this drama because it shows her struggles of her past and it is hilarious and heart warming. I recommend this to people who love comedy and romance. It is on Viki.

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